UT19 Kaohsiung

Pathway to Get Green in Deep Blue

16-19 April 2019

National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Important Dates:

  • Call for Papers: 16 July 2018 Submit your Abstract
  • Abstract submission open: 1 August 2018
  • Abstract submission due: 16 November 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: 17 December 2018
  • Registration open: 17 December 2018
  • Early bird registration: 15 February 2019
  • Full paper submission due: 15 February 2019
  • Conference date: 16-19 April 2019

UT'19 Kaohsiung Topics

Offshore Structure and Technology

  • Offshore investigation, offshore structure, seafloor engineering, corrosion protection, marine material science, floating platform, jack-up vessel.
  • ROV/AUV/Glider/Manned Submersible

  • Vehicle design, system integration, positioning and navigation, operations.
  • Underwater Acoustics and Acoustic Oceanography

  • Modeling and simulation, measurement and analysis, sonar signal processing and applications.
  • Underwater Optics

  • Optical sensing, imaging and vision.
  • Ocean Observatory

  • Ocean observing platforms, observing systems, instrumentation, sensors.
  • Underwater Sensing and Communication

  • Sensor design, sensing algorithms, optical, RF, magneto-inductive.
  • Earthquake and Tsunami

  • Geotechnical hazards and response, tsunamigenic sources, risk analysis and management, tsunami propagation: physical oceanography, run-up and damage: wave hydraulics.
  • Coastal Engineering

  • Marine renewable energy, coastal information systems, monitoring, sustainability of coastal projects, data management.
  • Underwater Cabled Observatory

  • Observatory Instrumentation, Subsea construction engineering, Measurement equipment, Data management and Social implementation.
  • Marine Applications of Artificial Intelligence

    Author Instructions Submit your Abstract

    An abstract should be no more than 2 pages including all text, pictures, and references. The abstract must list the corresponding author and his or her institute or affiliation at the top, e.g. John Smith: University of Someplace. The originally-submitted abstract cannot be used as a substitute for the conference paper. Authors of accepted abstracts are expected to prepare and submit the full paper (4 to 10 pages) for conference proceedings at the conference.

    We would be delighted to include your participation in 2019 IEEE Symposium on Underwater Technology as an exhibitor

    We look forward to Exhibitors in the categories below.

    • Offshore Structure and Technology
    • ROV/AUV/Glider/Manned Submersible
    • Coastal Engineering
    • Underwater Acoustics and Acoustic Oceanography
    • Underwater Optics
    • Ocean Observatory
    • Underwater Sensing and Communication
    • Earthquake and Tsunami

    2019 IEEE Symposium on Underwater Technology

    2019/04/16-19 @NSYSU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    Download Invitation Letter.
    Slow pace in the city of harbor, Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung is one of the most beautiful river-shore cities as well as the center of steel and petrochemical industries in southern Taiwan. Filling with endless sunshine, significant views of mountain, rivers and ports, Kaohsiung city has high diversity in geology and culture aspect. A large number of historical monuments which were left during the colonization of the Dutch, Qing dynasty, and Japanese empire between the 17th to mid-20th century can be found at every corner of our city. Highly various history backgrounds contribute Kaohsiung city as one of valuable places to visit. Furthermore, the modern urban landscape of airy cafes, wide streets, waterside parks, bicycle lanes and cultural venues provide a lovely space where you can enjoy your time in southern Taiwan.

    For more Taiwan sightseeing information:https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/
    For more Kaohsiung sightseeing information:https://khh.travel/?l=2